First off, sorry.

Anyway, so I'm in the market for a new amp. Nothing big, (bedroom playing is what it will be used for) nothing expensive. (it's just to replace my crap crap crap Epiphone starter amp) Probably just around $200-$300. Tube, would be nice. BUT, solid state is ok pending on the quality. I've been looking at these so far:

Crate V-Series. 50Watts, Class AB Tube (??)

Vox Valvetronix. 30Watts, "Real 12AX7 triode tube and low-wattage tube power circuit" (what?)

Roland Cube. 30Watts, Solid State.

Epiphone Valve Junior Half Stack. 5Watts (seems small) Class A tube

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peavey ultras are pretty cool. all tube.
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crate V would be great also look into a BJ
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Cube is pretty good, has good cleans and good distortion.

Epiphone would actually be good if you had pedals.

not sure on the others.
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I'd say the valvetronix or cube if just for bedroom, but if tube tone is a necessity the crate v does everything up to hard rock nicely
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I would always go tube over solid state. If you have some good distortion and OD pedals, get the Epiphone cause it has a nicer clean. But if you rely on the amp distortion, I'd probably say you'd be looking more at the Crate.
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The Crate would probably be good. The Epi VJ would be good, too, IF you could crank it. 5 watts all tube is surprisingly hard to crank. If neither of those, the Valvetronix would be your next best option. And to clear up confusion, it's not a tube amp. It's technically a hybrid amp, as it employs a 12ax7, but the tube really does very little. That said, it's a good modeling amp.
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Used Epi VJ or Blackheart 5 watt, fish n chips, and a bad monkey. There's a low budget practice set up with some tone.