I've been trying to find out what this song is, I've googled the **** out of it, but nada.

It's used on the Virgin Media 1 Star Trek advert, "The Best of Borg". And i think they also use it in Scrapheap Challenge and The Gadget Show, but I've never been able to find out what it is.

Doe's anyone know what this elusive little bastard is called?

Goes like this (from what I can remember)

S S S S E. E S S S S E. S S S S E. E S S S S E.

S S S S E. E S S S S E. S S S S E. E S S S S E.

And the tab doesnt even resemble I Cum Blood.

And it's better than I Cum Blood.

*awaits I Cum Blood Responses*

It's Smoke On The Water.

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I think it might be I Cum Blood
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