Well, Metal isn't really my style of music but I do appreciate it.

Where The Oak And Skyline Meet, I thought it was put together very well musically but I couldn't understand your vocals. I do enjoy screaming but I couldn't understand what you're screaming. If you could make it a little bit cleaner, I would like this song.

In Fields of Morning Frost, out of the three songs, I didn't like this one. Again, I couldn't understand what you're saying. But Musically, it seems like the song is a little bit "out of hand" It didn't flow as nicely as the other two did.

Soaring Through Wayward Winds, wow, that is all I can say. You guys did a very good job putting this beautiful piece of music together. I enjoyed listening to every bit of it. In my opipion, you guys should build off of this song and go in that direction musically because I think it would really set you apart. But I'm not trying to tell you how to write your music, I'm just saying what I think would sound cool. Again, 2 thumbs up, I loved listening to this song.

I have one more question. Does the lead singer sing? Or does he just scream?

Would you mind checking out some of my stuff? You'll find it's a not what your music is but it is still music.


I just wanted to say, thanks for posting your stuff on here, I loved listening to it.
-Phillip Andrew
They view you as the new messiah!
the music is awesome but could not hear what ur saying besides death music not my type
Wow, I'm actually really surprised. This stuff is really well done and you guys definitely stick out to me. Not enough good Death metal out there these days.