I have Firefox 3, and I have to retype my email and password for every site I go to. It's getting pretty annoying.

As far as I know, the cookies are enabled. I have CCleaner, but it worked after I installed CCleaner. I don't know anything else that I've changed recently.

Has anyone else had this problem before?
Doesn't FF3 have a username/password saving function? The browser should save these details rather than relying on cookies.
Cookie monster.
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You have to admit, everyone saw the first couple of responses coming.
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Yeah I'm having this problem at the moment. It's not set to clear private data on close or anything, but I keep having to log in to everything every time I start my computer. It's a real drag. I'll fellate anyone with a good and easy solution.
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Doesn't FF3 have a username/password saving function? The browser should save these details rather than relying on cookies.

i'd like to be able to click 'ultimate guitar' and not have to log in at all. it was like that for awhile, but for some reason, it's stopped working.
Ugh!! I thought it was a problem with real cookies not internet cookies! You have deceived me Geetarguy13!!
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These threads never cease to be hilarious o.o
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it's okay there's places for people with an addiction. i'm here for you man.

oh... wait... you mean browser cookies? lol i guess i'm a little late with the joke

srsly... yea your best bet is probably to just use the firefox feature rather than cookies. otherwise idk what to tell you other than double check the settings to make sure it saves the cookies properly.
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Maybe CCleaner erased something that FireFox needed? Have you tried re-saving your passwords into firefox (after removing all the old ones first).
im having the same problem like usually everything is already logged in like ug and stuff but everytime i open firefox i have to retype everything
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i thought this was going to be about someone with a serious and life threatening cookie addiction.
i was very dissapointed.
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