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ok so heres this cool vid on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMLgRdUsRdI now i know its clean sound with delay duh but whats the theory behind that riff like what does he play. I really want to learn how this riff works because its so awesome and i wanna make something like it.

Why don't you try learning the riff itself. You can make riffs like that simply by using your ear and your creativity.

If you really want to understand the theory behind it....... study theory for a while and answer your own question. If you don't understand the basics of theory, there really isn't anything we can say that will help you and that you couldnt figure out for yourself if you took the time to learn.
shred is gaudy music
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Or, you guys could answer his question and tell him to learn theory.

Why dont you do that.
shred is gaudy music
Yeah, thanks for showing us, lol. Very tasty.
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