for memory yes.
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If it doesn't have to do with tube amps or sex most of us don't really care..

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Looks like Lars Ulrich decided to become a hacker.

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penises FTW

not in the gay way


Do not get one, as the owner of a 15w and my brother owning a 75w, playing both of these a lot, I can say that they both suck and are not worth but maybe half of the money you spend on them.

Get a Roland Cube, im looking into those, played one today, it has two things the spider doesnt have

Good Cleans
Good clear distortion
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Its not about the Radio its about talent, the front man has a bigger vocal range than Micheal Jackson and he can sing from heavey metal to high pitched ...No.12 on the top 20 under rated guitarists of ALL TIME...etc

1-Bloodavian 0-Forkman.