has anyone ever replaced his or her guitar neck before?

my first guitar was a grg170 dx bkn. unfortunately, being the noob that i was at that time, i did A LOT OF STUPID **** to it and the neck was completely twisted rendering it almost unplayable.

now that i've moved on to other guitars, i was thinking, if i want to replace the neck on this guitar, do i have to specifically order a GRG170 neck from Ibanez or just use any neck that seems suitable?

will there be any problems? (notes out of place, or neck too long..... i know nothing about necks honestly)
I've replaced the one on my bass and one on one of my guitars.
All you need is the scale and the pocket dimensions(only need those if you're not getting a direct replacement)
The neck pocket is where the neck connects tot he body, in case you didn't know.
Getting a new nut is probably going to be a must no matter where you get the neck from.