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Just finished this up. Havnt made a solo in my songs in a while, so I put one in this one.
C4C like usual.
song 22.zip
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For starters, I'm a huge sucker for string orchestration, so when I saw that "Strings" track I knew I'd like this song. Secondly, metalcore is probably my favorite form of metal, well thrash is, but metalcore is a close 2nd, so that was also a plus.

All in all, this song was enjoyable from start to finish. If I had any suggestions, I'd suggest that you do a little bit more harmonies between the lead and rhythm. The harmonies you had were great, but places like the intro left me wanting more more and more. Basically all the places you're chugging up notes on the low-e string and playing single notes on the higher strings inbetween. Like measure 2 for example. Harmonies would really strengthen those riffs. But hey, it's your song, I'm only making a suggestion that I think would improve it a little. My philosophy--if you can harmonize, do it :P

(thanks a bunch ) [be sure to take a look at the versions I just uploaded today, they're in my 1st post along with the ones I originally posted if you want to compare new to old :P]
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Like Skillet, I liked the strings part before the solo. I also liked the solo, it was very nice. But, I felt that at times the song got a little repetitive. I also didn't particularly like the ending. But, I'm also a fan of progressive music so that my just be me. Overall 7/10. Good job =]
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Sounded really good, definitely what you want to see hear you look for metalcore. Nothing adds a dramatic effect like a string orchestra and you put it i very nicely. nothing sounded off about it, it was melodic and well put together creating a catchy song and the solo was well done and not overdone. Very nice job. C4C right? Crit my song please.