This is a little song I wrote when I was bored in Psychology class. It's meant to be just a little short album intro, nothing fancy.

" This is our world now. If anyone tries to stop us, we'll give them hell!!!!"

Smash through the walls, into the town
Kill those who flee, then burn it to the ground
Life full of lies, hearts full of hate
We move to destroy, to achieve our fate.

Death to those who don't believe
What we're trying to achieve.

This our generation, our time.
To rise to power
On this hour
Burn their tower
They shall cower
You will see, it's meant to be
Complete and total Anarchy.

[ Instrumental outro ]

Worker bees can leave;
Even drones can fly away;

The queen is their slave.
Sound like a good prog death metal song with hints of punk thrown in...it sounds pretty good lol.