hi everyone. a while ago i made a thread on mini or headphone amps i should buy cause im moving into a dorm tomorrow. most people said the roland cube although i cant spend that much money on an amp right now. a few people have also said the mini crush. i found a crush 10 on ebay and its looking pretty good so far. can anyone tell me about this amp and how much i should be willing to pay for a used one? also this would would be extremely helpful: if youve used the crush 10 and the behringer gm110, can you compare the 2?
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I would take an Orange over a Behringer everyday.

do you think a 10 watt orange could be much better than a 30 watt behringer?
I had an Orange Crush 30R for a while, and I loved it. The only reason I didn't buy another after it got stolen was cause I couldn't afford another amp.
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