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Everyone thinks I’m bad at the game
But I know I’m not
Everyone thinks I can’t play
But I know that’s not true

He just wins it before I can
Even get a chance
No one ever believes in me
Except me and myself

I wish people would just grow up
And attempt sanity
Tryin to hurt me
See how that does

You should know That I am
pretty hardheaded
And I’m not gonna change my mind
No matter what you say

But if you say so…

You’ll always be winning
I’ll always be losing <--------- Chorus
You’ll always be flying
I’ll always be trying

I’ll always have my fingers crossed
When I talk to you <------------Chorus
I know what you really are
Hurt or insecure

And when you try to bring me down
You will always fail
Cause I am invinsible
I am superman

And When you try to come at me
You should know I got an army
It’s me myself and I
Good luck fighting them

(back to chorus)

You will always fail
I’ll always win
Lying crying
Haven’t shed a tear

You know it’s true
I know it’s true
Your just to scared
To admit it

You know your wrong when you say…