Hey my friend is starting out electric guitar he wants a good amp for under $200. He plays lighter stuff like 3 Doors Down to about as heavy Metallica. Thanks in advance.
vox ad15vt or a roland cube 20 are both great beginner amps

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Tell him to look at used stuff. But if he doesn't want to, I recommend an Epiphone Valve Junior and a decent distortion pedal if he doesn't have one.

Just stay well away from all Line6 Spiders.
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vox ad15vt or a roland cube 20 are both great beginner amps


Tell him to stay away from fender frontman, marshall MGs, and line 6 spider III models.
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Tell him to invest in a Roland Cube series amplifier

Honestly, they are the best practice amps on the market. Period

Microcube anyone?