I saw the SG thread, and I decided that the Pacifica deserves its own thread too.
The Pacifica is a series of guitars manufactured by Yamaha. It is known for being an extremely popular beginner guitar due to it's small price tag.
I just got mine today (my first guitar), and I love it.
Use this thread to discuss any things that you love/hate about this guitar, or to help solve any Pacifica related problems you may have.
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I have a 412v. I love it.
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My friend's dad had one, it was awesome.
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The 412v is pretty nice. It looks luxurious.
I was in between a Squier Strat and the Pacifica. Im happy with the choice I made, however, I do realise that the Squier is probably a bit better quality...
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This thread almost died with only 2 replies...
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i have the 012, it sounds fantastic, i probably have twice as much hours on than on my strat, and thats since i've had my strat. it just feels that good, i love the neck.
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Yeah, it does sound great! Im still learning how to play it though. Its my first guitar...
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screw it, I'm in. Here's pics of the late 80's brother to the Pacifica:

I could own this thing for the rest of my life. Not too much bottom-end, but nice strat tones, jazzy and bluesy, and snarls with the humbucker. And I don't think any other guitar I've ever tried out or played has a neck and frets as slick as mine; soooooo smooth to play.
finally a place for us beginners and folks on a budget.

I got my PAC112 for $110 and it's great. Nice and light, ergonomic, and is very verasatile. I wish i could get a lower action on it without fret buzz, but for the price you cant complain.
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Yeah, it is a great guitar for the price tag!
I heard the guitarist in Muse uses a Pacifica...
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I have one. Was charged $310 for it. It truly is a piece of ****. The 5 way switch keeps losing the pickups, the humbucker sound is weak, the single coils are worse than those of the First Act guitars. I feel scammed as I bought it when I was beginner.
$310 seems a bit pricey... Did you buy it recently?
Its not a piece of trash though. It has a fantastic sound, and feel. Remember, its only a begginner guitar. You wont get the same out of a Pacifica then you would an SG.
Im proud to say that my Yamaha packs quite the punch, and Im glad I bought it!
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P.S.- The Pacifica doesnt use humbuckers. They do the same thing but at a lower (but still decent) quality.
And my pickup switch works great!
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Yamaha Pacifica 112
Marshall G10 MKII
P.S.- The Pacifica doesnt use humbuckers. They do the same thing but at a lower (but still decent) quality.
And my pickup switch works great!

I'm pretty sure most or at least some of them have a humbucker in the bridge.
I have an older pacifica 712. Paid about 400.00 for it back in 94'. Its an h-s-h with a fr bridge. Has been through 3 kids and still plays as well as the day I bought it. I was recently looking to replace it ,but could not find anything that is better without spending upwards of about $700.00.
I will own a Pac 112v one day, or the tele version (pac 402s), but the tele versions are veeeeery hard to find.

Btw, does yamaha have any signature guitars?
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I have a 112, was my first guitar, and its f**king brilliant, would recommend to any one starting guitar.

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Started on a 112J. It now has a set of 12s in Eb tuning - my (failed) attempt at trying to sound like SRV. The new V looks like a big improvement - the ceramic pickups on the J are a bit poo.

I think 112Vs are generally better than Squier strats - and more flexible too.

I believe jazzer Mike Stern has (or had) a Yamaha tele-shape sig.
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Yeah, the Pac is tons better than a Squier Strat from a sound POV...
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Yamaha Pacifica 112
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i got a 112J for my first electric guitar about a year ago and i love it!
i was looking at a squier for a while but im glad i got my pac.
and those tele versions look awesome!
of course my ultimate goal is to become a rock god and have more lps than i can count, but that wont be for a while! lol
I bought my 8 year old daughter one last month (Pacifica 112) in electric orange. she played it a couple of times and quit
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The Pacifica series are great guitars with some great features.
The 500, 700, 900, and 1200 series all have a very sweet neck joint that allows great upper fret access.
The 900 and 1200 have Dimarzios from the factory.
Some have locking tuners, brass trem blocks, carbon graphite rods to stiffen the neck, and all the above have premium solid body woods.
I won't even get into the 1400 series which are a work of art in every aspect.

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