Im looking to sell my Rickenbacker 330. The color is Jetglo(Black). Comes complete with case, keys, and Rickenbacker polishing cloth. Only used for a few months. Looking for Fender Telecaster or Gibson SG or will sell for $1150 shipped. I have the original boxes it was shipped in and it will be double boxed.

Nice RIC there... I have a 91' 330 Fireglo that my son has been dying to have and $1150.00 shipped seems like a very fair price. Just happen to run into this board by Googling RIC 330 with ric-o-sound lol! So if you still have this to sell please PM me.

Sorry, I just picked up a JetGlo like this on eBay for a much higher price, But I'm sure will not have a problem with someone taking it off your hands. Good Luck! TaylorRe