So I've been playing for a good 5 years now and I play a lot. I noticed that when I try to do a slower upstroke strum (sweeping-ish style), my pick gets caught a little bit on the strings and it isn't very smooth. I then realized that my pick is slightly angled so that it glides over down-strokes more easily. I tried to fix this but it seems that the angle necessary to a point. When I am strumming chords, I slightly angle the pick in the direction I am going (unless I want a very sharp upstroke or something).

So basically, you always hear that the pick should be perpendicular to the strings. I understand that this is a good rule of thumb, but if this is true then it seems that you would have to lift the pick slightly on each string when you run over all of them in one motion. Do people actually strum and sweep with the pick perfectly straight?? Is this just something I have to work on? Because I would like to figure it out so I am not wasting practice time in the long run. Thanks!
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you always hear that the pick should be perpendicular to the strings.

To be honest I've never heard any such thing and IMHO you should change the angle of your pick to get the kind of tone you want. That being said I do angle my pick for fast runs basically all the time.
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so by angle do you guys mean pivoting the pick or tilting it down or up? I mean that if I am playing an upstroke starting on the high e and playing all 6 strings, is it frowned upon to tilt the point of the pick towards the high e so that it is easier to strum? I like paul gilberts plug for alternate picking, as I think that 'efficiency' is slightly overrated but I am trying to learn some of it anyway.
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