I'm in an impossible situation. ALL SUMMER I've been trying to get a job, but the thing is it's my first job. So I figured that fast food restaurants and the like would most likely hire me. But that's not the case. You see, they are apparently appalled by my resume's...even though I have several food safety certificates/courses. I have also volunteered at a bunch of random community service stuff. But they insist on an actual job as experience. How the **** am I supposed to get experience to get a job when I can't ****in get hired in the first place? It's seriously ****ed up. So pit, what the **** should I do??

My first job was on a student program, in which I pretty much cut grass for two months, and earned $2500 in the process.
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My first job was on a student program, in which I pretty much cut grass for two months, and earned $2500 in the process.

I wouldn't mind doing something like this while in college. As long as I get water.
Things I would try:
-The problem might the structure of your resume, if it's formatted badly often employers decide they don't want someone that can't make a good resume and they hardly bother reading it,
-if the job market is really competitive then maybe try and make your resume stand out from all the other generic ones but still keep it profesional
-again if the job market is competitive spam your resume to all places that are hiring and if they keep your resume on file you may get offers later
-work on your interview, if they keep saying you don't have enough experience, work on a counter to this
-look for jobs through your school or job agency
-keep trying, you seem like a better candidate then many people, just keep building off your mistakes and you will find something.
what kind of weird fast food places do you have man? I've been working at McDonalds for 2 years part time and when i applied i didn't even need a resume.
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Have you tried McDonalds?
All the advice I can give you, unfortunately, is to keep trying. Oh, and Google structures of a resume/how the write a good resume.
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Have you tried McDonalds?
All the advice I can give you, unfortunately, is to keep trying. Oh, and Google structures of a resume/how the write a good resume.

Amen to McDonalds ... not the best job but they'll hire almost anybody.
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thank you zackR .
May be a bit harder since summer's coming to an end, but look for jobs that are advertising looking for work, like places that just need manual labor and will hire teenagers as long as they're up for it. It'll be a location-specific opportunity, so it could be anything. Bailing hay, moving rocks, stuff like that. Ask your parent and/or guardian for ideas in that area, and they'll probably be able to come up with something.

and if you have any friends working in fast food places, ask them to recommend you or try and get you a job where they work.
Go for the big corporate retail and fast food places for first jobs (woolies, coles, pizza hut, dominoes, kfc, mcdonalds, wal-mart, etc). They're usually alot more willing to hire inexperienced people. Another way is to do some private tutoring if you are smart enough. You could also do some work experience for a few weeks (unpaid experience work).

You're right about restaraunts, pubs and food places in general. It's very hard to get started without previous experience, but once you're in for a year and a bit it's not too hard to find work (around here in sydney, you're pretty much guarenteed work as experienced bar staff). Try the local RSL (the veteran's club for those who aren't australian) or lawn bowls club, they're usually the easiest points of entry...if you're licensed to serve alcohol that is (18-21?)
Keep trying. A lot of places are hiring around this time since school is starting. I know my work is hiring a few people because others are leaving for university. Drop off resumes everywhere.
If you have a bit of spare cash, do a waiting/food preparation course. Some (not all) restaurants/cafes will regard this as equivalent to experience (especially if you've only recently done the course).

Then again, waiting/kitchen hand work is terrible. You get treated like **** (especially if you're working at corporate events/functions).

I finished uni a couple of months ago and have had no luck finding a (related) job. It's driving me crazy. I'm probably going to go back to school within the next year or so.

Edit: By the way, definitely apply for these type of jobs in person. They're much more likely to contact you if they know firsthand that you're not a nut case.
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+1 to those who say McDonalds. I turned up late for my interview and they still hired me
Keep trying dude. I spent all summer trying to find a job to no success but then out of the blue, I got hired as a delivery guy by a local pizza place. Stuff just randomly comes up, be ready for it.
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Your CV probably isn't very good. Have someone read through it and help you rewrite it if needs be.

Find a friend or family member who can get you some work for a bit, so you've got a real job on there.
good luck bro. i see you're 15, that may be a problem. but you're in canada so i don't know the labor laws there. but like others have suggested, mcdonalds is the way too go. also, you can try local restaurants, see if they need a busser(buss boy). since all you'll be doing is just cleaning tables they probably won't have a problem with hiring you.

just remember, NOBODY is born with a resume full of job experience. you got to start somewhere, just be as persuasive as you can possibly be. hope that helps

p.s. or just get a fake I.D. <_<

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Yeah dude, all you gotta do is shoot for the fast food corporations

Always an easy job to get lol
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Dont worry if your only 15 man. It will come.
Im 18, and I still havent got a job because no one will pay me to do ****.
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