been thinkin bout what your givin me
why are you makin me fee a shame
you think all that you want in your life is free
im getting tired of playing your game
i wanna make my play a new style
and i'll invite you along, so come
you make my life feel like a **** pile
and all you do is have your fun

how many more miles of barbed wire do i have to crawl through to get you
how many more hours of ceaseless fire and gunshot through my veins
when are you gonna realise that i am waiting for you
how many more miles of barbed wire until i have you

you dont tell me whats wrong you dont tell me whats real
do you make me sad on purpose
yea you make me too sad and to dumb enough to feel
i want you flying high in my sky of lust
so pour me down water and cry me down streams
if you wanna be hippies then go be free
but you aint gonna catch me in a fit of screams
or crying all alone every lonely day
Yea that's right, I want something to explode

I've been deaf, now I want noise