So, i got my Jackson JS30DKT, with the standard Jackson
pups, and im looking to upgrade the pups,
looking at the 81 in the bridge (obviously) and
then either a 60, 85, or 89 in the neck.
I mostly use the neck for clean stuff or creamy

I have tried the 60, and love the cleans, but not too
well for 'creamy leads' and i tried the 85, good
for creamy leads but not cleans, i havent tried
the 89, but i know it has a coil-tap, but, i mean, for like
post-hardcore to like, metal, i guess you could say,
would i really use it very much?

does anyone have any experience with the 89 and
could help me out?

also, i was looking at the EMG website, and saw some kind
of 81, that had a coil tap, and views on this?

basically, 60, 85,89 and info on the 81T(?)

kay thanks
you probably dont want EMGs. the 81 in the bridge is pure output, no feel. any EMG in the neck is pure mud. the pickups are very sterile and unless you are only ever going to play high-output gainy grainy metal you dont watn them. and even if you do only play that, there are better options.
lol, no, i dont

well, i personally like the sound of EMGs, and
im pretty set on them,
so maybe if you could aid me in my decision, that would be lovely
= D
well coil tap on an EMG is a joke, dont bother. the 89 is probably the best compromise between having crappy tone and an active pickup... but if you want to win with an active omgz m3tal pickup...
duncan blackouts with 18v.
Quote by LP Addict
duncan blackouts with 18v.

This.^ Best active pickups I've ever used for a guitar.
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why do 18v mod on blakcouts. you 18v mod emg's to sound more like blackouts in the first place... get just standard blackouts.

they have blackouts metal now. i think those would sound pretty bad. anything i tried called metal was all nasty scooped mid super high treble mud. maybe wrong about the pups.
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