If you like The Human Abstract, Protest the Hero, Darkest Hour, Between the Buried in Me

then you'll prolly lilke our stuff

Sorry Horrible at Links


Creative Criticism is greatly appreciated

oh yeah these our just instrumental and Demos but give it a listen

New 2 & New 3
Yeah that was pretty sloppy.
Oh my bad I forgot to creative crit.
Well I would use a metronome, and probably get some drums. That would solve alot of problems
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Pretty good, no offense but new 3's intro gets a bit annoying, try changing it up? Anyway, sick that you got cover of guitar world, definitely great to hear some bands that are still kicking ass despite all the rest of the bull**** people call music nowadays.
Believe it or not it was dead on time its just in like 9/8 time or something weird like that, and yeah I know that intro thing annoys me too, we'll prolly cut it down to 2 times per riff

oh and I hope you realized im just half-assed and photoshop cause No we didnt make Guitar Worlds cover lol