Great cover! Kelsey is actually my favorite song by Metro Station...
Sounds good, keep up the great work!
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i think im a decent singer, i used the autotune for the effect of the genre, most of my other songs i dont use it, and there's even a live acoustic video on there too, so if you're gonna diss my abilities you might as well have given me the chance to see if its true
also, its obviously there for effect because its on a ridiculously high sensitivity, you can correct pitches just fine without making the vocals sound like a robot, but that's the effect that i wanted, i mean saying i cant sing because i used autotune on my more techno songs is like saying a guitarist isnt good if they use distortion on a rock song, it just adds a different effect that is characteristic of the genre, i can see why you assumed that i couldnt sing, because a lot of singers use autotune to cover up bad vocals, but you should have listened to my other songs before you dissed my skills as a whole
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yeah sorry, I just have a thing against autotune as an effect on an entire song. it was fun the first time (cher), but now everyone is doing it. I dislike it because it has given birth to a genre that I despise, as well as 'artists' who rely heavily on it.
i see what you mean, but just because you dont like a genre is no reason to hate on it, true jazz or classical musicians scoff at any type of popular music including rock or metal but thats just ignorant bullshit, you can still appreciate the art in a genre that you dislike the characteristics of