Well I didn't knew exactly where to post this question so if this isn't the place I'm sorry and I would like to ask the mods not to remove it until I get a answer. Thank you.

Now onto my question. I've known about Steve Vai's 10-hour workout for quite sometime but only now I've decided to take it seriously. After seaching for it I found out about the 30-hour work out and even though it's pretty steep I'm decided to give it a shot. Now what I want to know is if it's worth it. My questions are:

- Will doing this help me building my own work out? I'm on vacation now so I can take the 30 hours, but in a couple of weeks I'll only be able to play 2 hours a day; maybe 4 on weekends...

- Is it a suitable workout for a "semi-beginer" player? "Semi-beginer" because I've played for a year and had lessons. I can play a lot of kinds of chords and I'm decent with strumming. I know every pattern of the Am penthatonic scale and can apply it to every other penthatonic (Maj or m). I don't know if knowing this makes me intermediate but I don't like to think so but I'm not exactly a beginer either.

Thank you very much for even taking the time to read this.
If there are any grammar/spelling mistakaes please forgive me as I am Portuguese...:P
if you have only been playing for a year, i would suggest against it playing that length of time gives a good chance of getting an RSI or some injury, i would personally suggest working towards building up to that so you dont injure yourself. Unless you have amazing finger strength/dextereity/endurance for only a year, if yes then go for it.
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give it a shot but if something starts hurting you, dont push it, know your bodies limits
Well the main reason I want to get into this is to get an idea on how to build my 2-4 hour workouts. Would maybe reading the magazine piece and writing down things I find interesting to later narrow it down to the time I have be a better idea?