Hi guys, yeah im currently just using a Yamaha MW 10 mixer and a Cole Clark guitar, also an sm-57 microphone. I'm happy with this setup for now, i just need some help. I have installed cubase LE, but it doesn't seem to run on windows vista, someone from lexicon said that windows vista may or may not support cubase LE. Which version of cubase supports vista?

The problem is when i start up the setup for ASIO Multimedia driver, it says

The Audio engine could not be started

Audio engine error: no sound input

Audio engine error: no sound output

Now at first i thought this was something i was doing wrong, i tried re installing the ASIO drivers and that didn't work. I tried re installing and updating the mixer drivers and that didn't work either.

Thanks a lot guys, appreciate it.

~ c4acre
if you can run the program without it crashing and can even install it it should work on vista.
Sounds like you have driver issues though. Make sure your interface has good Vista drivers out. M-Audio normally makes good Vista drivers so I tend to stick with their products in my studio..