so i was on my computer the other day and all these icons started popping up in the bottom right corner of my screen. So Windows Antivirus 2008 wants me to buy the program saying i have viruses and every minute or so a pop up comes up and it says starting scan. I cant even surf the web without this bull **** coming up. From what i've heard it makes up random names of trojans and viruses and says they are on your computer so they get your money. I already tried a bypass torrent and it didn't work. I was considering backing up my EZDrummer and mizcraft onto a disk and erasing my hard drive. Would that work? I need help. I've attached pictures for a better understanding.

5150 III 100W, Mesa 4x12 Cab, Framus Cobra Cab, M-Audio Profire 610, ISA One Pre, SC607-b, Equator D5's, Countryman Type 85 Di box, Radial JCR, Superior Drummer, SSD 4 Ex, TS9, NS-2 and the list goes on and on
It's spyware. If something pops up asking you to download/buy it, don't do it. That's how the spyware tricks you. You have to run a spyware scan with a program you know and trust.