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Silly 2pac, your not from canada, your from the west coast. And dead.
Nerdo-sez-bo wrote:

Bon Jovi can just **** off really.

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hey man welcome.

feel free to post your intro in the thread at the top (it's stickies somewhere up there) called "first post?"

once again welcome!!

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So much down syndrome

remember UG Community? thought so.
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aaaahhhhhh zomg!!!!! zombies!!!!!!111

seriously, tho, welcome.
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I immediately clenched my butthole after reading that...
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Quote by jimmy_neutron
Welcome to UG! Make sure you read the FAQ and rules, and the threads stikied at the top of each forum!

Theres a special thread stickied at the top of this forum for introductions. Link:

@Viking Metalhead
And also Ultimate guitar is open to all types of music, so you can discuss hip-hop and rap etc here

I didn't say he isn't welcome, I meant that hiphoppers don't use intruments, do they?
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Well hip-hop artists use synth instruments mostly, and granted they are not covered in the instrument forums, one could argue that because something is synthing a bass that it belongs in the bass forum.

Also, just because the site is called ultimate guitar, it doesnt mean you need to play an instrument to partake. Im sure there are hundreds of people jpined here that dont play an instrument.
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i listen to electronic music and don't play an instrument, and look at me

anyway - introductions go in the thread specified at the top of this forum, feel free to post again there twopack!
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