Does anybody know the difference between the epiphone casino, epiphone riviera, and the gibson es-335?
just out of curiosity....

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They all have the same body style. There have been several Epiphone models with the same body. They all have the same control layout. I've seen pics online of all three with either stop tailpieces or trapeze style.

When it comes to the Epiphones, I'd say picking which model is a matter of personal preference. The Gibson ES-335 will almost undoubtedly be better constructed and made of better quality materials, better fit and finish, etc...
They are very very different. First off with the Epiphones

Casino - Full hollowbody. Will tend to feedback more with drive or distortion. P-90's stock so it has a very crunchy light gained tone. Very very beatlesque.

Sheraton - Semi-hollow bodied. Very very versatile guitar. I have one myself. Nice warm jazz tone. Pups suck though, very weak.

Riviera - Semi-hollow bodied. This was the guitar I was trying to get my hands on. Very versatile also. Less jazzier than the sheraton. The frequensator bridge is a fine addition. It lets the treble strings shorter so it's easier to play solo's in the treble strings.

Gibson 335 - The mack daddy of the hollowbodies. Nicely crafted guitar and very very high quality. It's a gibson. You get what you pay for right?

I tend to stay away from gibsons because I just don't have the cash. The epiphone hollow bodies is always in high quality and greatly made. Just a simple pot change and pup swap and you got yourself a fine instrument.