Hey guys im having a tough time deciding what to put in my new incoming guitar (mahogany body just fyi). now, what its going to be used for is more progressive things in dropped C tuning (not metalcore garbage), or maybe even open C tuning, and it will still have a lot of gain, think Devin Townsend. I want thick, CLEAR, overdrive, with a very balanced and well defined tone. but i cant decide on active vs passive. right now im torn between a Swineshead Xbucker and a set of SD Blackouts. Suggestions on which of these 2 would be better, or even any new contenders? thanks for readin
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I think you'd want some very good passive humbuckers. But they don't have to have outrageous output you know, sometimes less output is better.
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blackouts. they dont have as much gain as people assume to believe. they are reall passive sounding with some more balls. i'd buy emg's if i were you. i mean, you are playing high gain metal.

some people say emg's are not CLEAR, so you can 18v mod them.. theyre supposed to be like more headroom and clarity and compression.

all i can say is emg's are the best for high gain metal \m/
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Blackouts for sure. for passive, i'd say Dimarzio D-Sonic. and please delete your other thread about this.
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