long story short, i took my guitar to a guy to have it set up, i tell him "i want incredibly low action" and get it back and i'm breaking my hand to try to play the thing. i take and adjust the truss rod to bring the neck up to the strings but now its buzzing so of course im not happy (also when i got the guitar back and tuned the low E down to D it starting buzzing at the bridge) . i want to get a new bridge since i think he may have sanded the one on it down too far. any suggestions on how to go about doing this without have to sand down 90 bridges to get the perfect height and get a really low action without buzzing? if this doesn't work then i might just have to go buy a new guitar that was setup initially with a really low action
Read mi post in the MT chat thread tweeny.

Putting a strip of credit card like that will raise the action. That piece isn't the bridge, it's the saddle. The bridge is the big wooden thing stuck onto the guitar. Saddle = removable plastic or bone piece that's in the bridge.

Also, your acoustic isn't buzzing because he lowered the action too much, it's buzzing because you fecked around with your truss rod when your neck wasn't bowed.