Ok on GnR Sweet Child of Mine I use straight downpicks in the intro. Should I alt pick this?? Or is this okay. I can play it at full speed using downpicks. When I try to alt pick I screw up alot more even when going alot slower.

I can alt pick pretty well, it's not like I can't alt but on the intro to this song I can't alt pick to save my life. Should I take it back to step on and alt pick or just keep going with downpicks on this one??

Thanks guys.

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I'd say if you alt-pick and got that down for the intro then it would sound alot better, but Im exactly the same way with Crazy Train
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Do whatever you like, it will sound the same, well technically downpicking it will sound better rythymatically.
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the intro was a alternate picking exercise...wasnt it? idk, anyways just practice the alt. picking
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It's all down to preference; if it works for you downpicked, so be it. If it works alt picked, fine. I personally play it with a mix of down and up picking, but with no strict pattern to it(just hit the damn strings!).
Id go with alt picking. i only use down picking it steady like chops as in seek and destroys verse riff