ok,on wednesday i'm getting a hp:pavilion dvd - 1045 notebook

inter centrino
2 duo
2.26 GHZ
2 gig ram
320 gig hard-drive
512 mb graphics card
dvd burner
15.4 inch screen
+ windoms home premium,
$1597 before cashback,
and 100 dollars less after this is all in aus dollars.
is this good?i hope so,because this is bday and christmas please tell me stories you have heard about these and any tales you have from personal experience,thanks in advance pit.
a little lost.....
You should be getting 3 gigs of RAM for that price. Check in Best Buy. They have great deals on laptops all the time.
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best buys...? we dont have one of those,i can upgrade ram later,or i can spend another 300 dollars ( aus ) and get exaclty the same thing with 3 gigs of ram.
a little lost.....
More RAM, yeah. It's insanely cheap these days, no reason to go with just 2 gigs. I run with 4 on both my computers. Except for that, it's not bad. I'd go with a bigger screen, though, just because I occasionally watch movies on my laptop.
Sorry. I thought you were American when you used the dollar sign.

Stick with that deal then. It looks okay.
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I'll logic you right in the thyroid.

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Can I just say, there's no point having four gig of RAM with a Vista computer unless you have Vista 64bit, as you don't get a benefit from the fourth Gig. You only get half the benefit of the third also.
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