can anyone post a few good bass scales to practice that will help build dexterity and strength? Have a friend who just bought a 4 string bass so i'm trying to give him some stuff to help him get started. Thanks!
Major and Minor are a good place to start. Search on google you'll find more scales then you'll know what to do with.
The minor pentatonic sounds really good and is pretty useful for just about everything.


obviously thats only in one key. move it around the fretboard for other keys. each key uses the minor pentatonic of its relative minor. for example, for the key of C major you would use the A minor pentatonic. also try mixing scales, like do the major scale going down then move into the pentatonic and use that to get back up. also try experimenting with adding and removing random notes from a scale. some of my catchiest basslines came from experimenting like that.
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