i use a visual sounds one spot to power my pedals and my metal muff but my metal muff just wont turn on when its plugged in. itll work witht he batter but not with the adapter although it used to and its only a month old .
make sure the adapter is the correct voltage and try another adapterr
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yeah its the right voltage 9v. the adapter works on all my other pedals its just the metal muff although i was able to use the pedal on it for like a month thats how i would power it.
Maybe the adapter jack is broken (on the pedal I mean)?
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Three possibilities, all involving the 9V adapter jack on the pedal:

1. The tip pin is broken.

2. The wire going to the tip pin is broken.

3. The sleeve contact is broken.

If the sleeve wire were broken then it wouldn't work on battery either. The battery's plus wire goes through the interlock switch on the sleeve side of the jack.

Just get a new jack and have someone who knows how to solder install it.
is it the MM with top boost or the smaller one?

i think the smaller one doesnt work with the 1 spot.

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