the neck pickup on my tele is very quiet compared to the bridge is this normal? if so is the only way to combat it to turn the amp up?
lift up the pickup...? I have no experience with telecasters, but if you could twist some screws so that the pickup is closer to the strings, that usually works.

also I don't know if it's normal, but everybody has his own preference I guess
mine is quiet too...on my HSS strats...
middle is a little quieter but neck is a lot quieter than bridge pickup...
it was like that when I had one of my guitars still in SSS as well...
so yeah I guess...try to increase the pickup...
neck single-coils have lower output I guess...that's the problem
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Well, the neck pickup ought to be further away from the strings than the bridge as the strings vibrate more there (unless it's crazily weak...) but only so much so that the volume seems even. Raise the pickup a little and try it, keep doing it, until the volume is even.