I've bought a whammy pedal recently. And as far as i live in Moscow - the capital of The Russian Federation (we're not an axis of evil already, honest ) - i can't use an PS0913B-120 power supply, which is included in the box. I've read the manual, and there is suggested not to use anything except PS750 or PS0913B.

But your power supply is manufactured for US electricity system (or how is that called - i don't even know), that carries 120 volts (or something like that) and has another socket/plug thing.

And we have 220 volts.

So i need a power supply (and that's all greek to me) to play my whammy that won't damage it.

or may i use either some kind of another adapter?
plus i'm planning to buy somekind of a power supply for all my pedals (this little box with a large number of holes, don't know how are they called, in which you plug your pedal and then there's onlu one input for the electricity)...

Thank you, and sorry for my language.
ignore what the manual says about not using digitech power supplys. If you can find a regulated 9V power supply that fits your crazy Russian power sockets, and has a high enough mA level to supply your Whammy (It doesnt have to be exact just bigger than what it says on your whammy), then It'll work and you'll be playing your crazy Russian music until the Russian Ballet busts through your door and carts you off for axis of evil experiments.
you forgot about bears on the streets, vodka and balalaika)

oh, and matryoshka...

ps - about vodka is partly true - we would drink off your asses...
only finland people can compete with us))

pps - you ve got an ibanez WH-10 wah in your wish lists. what is it like? i'm planning of buying a wah pedal and don't really know what to choose - is WH-10 better than dunlops' wah?

ppps (gosh) - ha-ha - i already got DL-4 and FM-4 =))