As the title says
Why does a $400 guitar in America cost $1000 in Australia?
If you factored in taxes and shipping it still doesn't add up!
And why do half the brands people mention on this forum never show in Australia.
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Mostly due to taxes and import costs. The GST is 10% by itself, then you have import fees which would be quite a bit seeing as we're a fair bit away from most of the main manufacturers.

during non-peak seasons, it would be cheaper for some brands to buy a return ticket to hong kong, buy a guitar there and come back to australia :P

My mate picked up a bass worth $1200 odd here for the equivalent of about $500 over there. He also picked up an ibanez PGM30 for $400, im not sure how much they go for here (saw a couple on ebay for about $800).

Hmm, maybe i should become a guitar merchant.
a) it costs to put something on a ship/plane/whatever
b) import duties
c) everybody in the chain has to take their share of the profits: the dude selling the guitars in america, the guy that exports them, the guy that imports them, the store that sells it to you, etc...

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Well, it's Australia, so you have to pay gay tax.
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We have to pay an 'awesome tax'.

It is sort of unfair, but because we are so much more awesome than everywhere else we have to pay a little extra.
currency strengths, import payments, costs of shipping, etc
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thats just like
an xbox 369 game costs 80$ australian in the U.S but in aus its like 120$
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shipping consts?
wen i ask they say that they fall into the habit smhw ........but nyways i think there is a connection smwhere. Now i being a teetollar will not give into this habit nyhw

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thats just like
an xbox 369 game costs 80$ australian in the U.S but in aus its like 120$

Xbox 369!!!!!!! When did this happen?
there's a different of worth between US$ and AUS$

I think you're paying nearly the same + ships and taxes
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Xbox 369!!!!!!! When did this happen?

It's the special Australia only model. The 69 represents the added gay
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there's a different of worth between US$ and AUS$

I think you're paying nearly the same + ships and taxes

No that doesnt cover it either. Even after you factor in Shipping, Insurance, Taxes, and $ Exchange rate, there is still a huge gap in the price. Fact of the matter is Australia is a smaller market. There arent as many people buying guitars so guitars have to cost more. And they also charge so much because they CAN. They know that people will pay $3000AUD in Australia for a guitar that would cost the equivalent of $1500AUD in America.
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Ok I assume you havent been dumb enough not to convert currency difference.

But anyway its basically a few factors.

1. GST
2. Import costs
3. Higher factory costs for Australian stores due to not having deals with these companys etc.

Also on the fact that we dont get alot of guitar brands, its because we're a small population. 20 million people is about the population of large US cities. Basically we dont have as many brands imported because who's going to buy all those brands?
Even more expensive here.
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