My musical preference is rock and blues, so I don't think I could go too far wrong with Texas Specials in a Strat, but I also want flexibility. What does everyone think of this strategy...select clean, noiseless pups and customize the sound at the amp. Would that be a good way to go?
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Your idea seams to be a good idea. If you get something thats got a good balanced clean sound you can allways change up your amp's settings or even get a second amp for other sounds, or stomp boxes etc.

You might also do well going for a mix of pickups, rather than just TSs. Maybe get a texas bridge, lace middle, and a smooth tele neck pickups. That way you can have a lot of range. Also keep in mind if you play mostly on the bridge or the neck you can allways swap out your middle pickup for another bridge or neck pickup to give you more range in your selected preference. I actualy have a guitar with 3 bridge pickups in it .

Hope that helps, or gives you more ideas.