Hi Everyone,

I've been playing guitar for 6/7 months now and I'm loving it but have yet to learn a song all the way through. I've just been learning riffs/rythmn and more recently scales.

I would to love to be able to play a song all the way through but I'm struggling to find something which is around my skill level.

I can play things like:

purple haze intro, crazy train riff, iron man riffs, tangerine intro, heartbreaker, SLTS..., wonderwall, stairway, dont look back in anger, sweet child o mine intro..etc

If you could reccommend a song to learn all the way through that is around this skill level, that would be great!

I like Classic Rock, Rock and Metallica mostly...

Many Thanks,

May be a little too advanced, but try 3's and 7's by Queens of the Stone Age. The 2 main riffs are awesome, and the solos are relatively simple but good.
dude if u like metallica For Whom The Bell Tolls was the first song by them i learned, also the first song i could totally play i think.... i had been playing for about 5 months at that point, its really easy and sounds bad ass hahaha
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i reccomend fade to black by metallica. the little solo in the beginning is pretty easy based on the b minor scale almost note for note and the part after that is pretty good too for coordination. I found it so at least.
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