I recently bought a EMG ZakkWylde Set to replace the stock pups on my ibanez 321MH.

Its my first time replacing pups so need some help understanding the wiring/routing.

Ive replaced the pups, pots, switch and the input jack and now it's time to wire these babies.

Attached is a pic for your reference.

Please correct me if Im wrong here.

1. Solder braids from both 81/85 on top of the Vol pot.

2. Solder signal wire from both 81/85 to 8th 7 4th lug on the switch.

3. Solder red from 81/85 and the black from input jack to +9v battery.

4. Solder a wire piece from lug 1 to 1st lug of the Vol tab.

5. Solder signal wire from input jack to middle lug of the vol pot.

6. Solder ground wire from input jack to 1st lug of the tone pot.

Is there anythgin missing especially on the switch section???

Any help is appreciated guys.



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