i was just wondering how many other UG's are doin corusework for school

i got aload of english to do and it sucks

any1 got anything mildly interesting to do?
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I'm doing work on my final year project at uni. Basically I have about 7 months ot make a full animation, including all the planning aspects.


History assignment. Not too hard though, it's a draught, not the final product I'm working on.
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's UG
Ten page term paper on the Book of Revelation.

Fun stuff. I'm looking forward to the assignment, but not all the research involved.
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I've got to finish some media crap, some food tech crap and some history crap. The geography crap is done.

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History assignment. Not too hard though, it's a draught, not the final product I'm working on.

I've never kinged school work before...
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i need to do 9 pages of textiles and 2 of biology.

wen i ask they say that they fall into the habit smhw ........but nyways i think there is a connection smwhere. Now i being a teetollar will not give into this habit nyhw

I need to finish off the first section of work on my Art Personal Studies, we have to choose three famous pieces, linked together by a certain theme, copy them and do a written analysis. I've chosen 'Saint Francis in Meditation' by Fransisco Zurbaran, 'The Indian Widow' by Joseph Wright and 'Saint Jerome Writing' by Caravaggio. If you know the three, you may see the theme chose.

I've also got to finish my final piece of History coursework - essay on the home life in Britian during The First World War, what laws the government brought in, how the effected different people in the country and how they changed over time.

Not too much work.
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Doing my dissertation on the Geographies of the Alter-globalisation Movement.
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I'm doing English Language at A level, over the summer we've had an analysis of different texts over time, using any genre we wanted. I used missing persons articles, for Agatha Christie (1926) and Richey Edwards (1995), and despite putting it off for ages it was actually really interesting when I got into it.
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