So when i get to uni in September im gonna join the karate club.

Does any1 else do karate and how has it gonna about with helping your fitness?

im currently a gym freak and will alternate between the two during the week hopefully trying to loose weight witht he karate and build muscle at the gym
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Well I've never seen a fat karate master...

I have. Loads of them. It will help with your fitness but doing it once a week wont get you fit. Train hard everyday and you'll get fit. But that applies to any sport.
I used to do Judo

I reckon it's a bit different though
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You probably will lose some weight. You'll also gain quite a bit of... control I guess over your reflexes.

Instead of flinching you will react, if that makes sense. But that's after a long while of it.
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I really loved it... until they start making you learn all those ridiculously long sequences of moves. What is it, katas?
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I really loved it... until they start making you learn all those ridiculously long sequences of moves. What is it, katas?

i remember when i was young and did karate i used to hate those, hopefully ill be able to remember them this time lol
i got up to 3rd kyu in wado-ryu, and i loved it, but it got soo expensive...

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It doesn't really build muscle too much, but it will definitely increase fitness.
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yea Ive spent a while doing it, i started when i was 5 and did it untill i was 17, im 19 now.

if you plan on going into touraments, dont build up your muscle in the long run its going slow you down. ALOT.
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I take Isshinryu Karate. It will help your fitness, especially if you go very often. And yeah, katas suck. At least the first ones do, then they get cool names, like Naihanchi and Wansu,
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Karates awsome man. It's not fun if your not doing as good as you can. Try real real hard and push your self and try sweating more than anyone else in your whole class. It gets AMAZINGLY fun in about 2 years. Just make sure you don't go to shotokan karate, that's a waste of space and time.