I have a peavey predator that I bought as a project( it was someone's project before) The guitar is a total basket case and missing parts. I would like to ressurect it and make a nice custom out of it and I want to feature it on the forum, to photo and track my progress and add some input from forum members. Anyway see pic(not mine ) for the type of guitar it is. USA peavey preditor. heres what I'm looking for.
Tremolo assembly, I its the one with 4 mounting screws.(see pic)
2 tuner ferrels(see other pic)
pots,3way switch with white tip. Pickguard screws, as I'm going to make it a HH model.
2 white humbuckers.

P.m. me if their is anything you have for my project. Thanks in advance folks!!!
For stuff like knobs, pots, and switches, Warmoth.com would be the place to go. They probably have a trem that would fit your guitar as well.
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