Ok so i want to build a guitar. i don't wanna like buy a blank and carve it but probably order a body with all the cuts and stuff so i can just get it painted and put the wiring in it and such. But i want to know if like where you get the Neck and Body and ect. and like do they all have to be a certain like measurement or are most all necks and bodies compatible. I was probably going to build and SG. also do they make books on like how to wire a guitar and stuff like that. O and what is the best wood for an SG for metal style music.
warmoth.com is the best i know of for bodies and necks.....
wdmusic.com also has alot of good stuff... they have better parts though.... but i don't really know warmoth's parts...

EDIT: yes they have books for wiring... stewmac.com i think has some good books but you'll have to look aand see for yourself
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