what is the thing that you put on the headstock of the guitar above the nut that holds the strings so that they dont go out of tune. i want one, where can i get one?
A locking nut? They're kindof a pain in the ass and you'd need to get it installed onto your guitar, it's not something you just throw on there.
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I wouldn't get one if you have a hardtail guitar, because every time you want to tune, you'll have to take the things off, and that takes a while.
It would be a hell of a lot easier just to get locking tuners, they keep tune really well.
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Can you show us a pic or a link to what your talking about? This will help us, help you. Also what kind of guitar do you have? If its a stoptail or not a double locking trem or something its kinda overkill. You might be speaking of something else though.
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You're thinking of a string retainer maybe? If it's above the nut, that is. And look up Floyd Rose Maintenance on Youtube if it is a locking nut that you're looking for.
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The only way you can prevent your strings from going out of tune is stopping the wood and the strings from expanding and contracting. You can't do that xD.
If you install a locking nut, you'll ppb have to twist screws and buttons (I don't know the system too well. Just read about them once and wasn't interested xD) in order to restring and retune. And your strings are going to go out of tune anyway so...
I would just get better tuners, locking tuners if you really want to shell out dough. Cheaper than a locking nut, and you probably could do it yourself. BTW do you have a hardtail or a tremolo on your guitar?
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It would be a hell of a lot easier just to get locking tuners, they keep tune really well.

IF you keep your guitar in an environment where the temperature never changes, right? (or am I THAT wrong? :s)
i have a crappy ibanez grg170dx and it goes out of tune often, so im just looking for something that will keep it in tune cause im starting to get better and i hate tuning it every 2 hours

and i was thinking of just something that i can still tune with but with help it not go out of tune.
Read this. You're probably stringing it badly.
There's several factors, when you're trying to keep a guitar in tune:
- Stringing technique
- proper setup
- As little friction as possible.

So let's attack these possible problems.
Friction - Your guitar has what are called string trees:

The circled metal thing keeps the string from popping out of the string nut. Useful, but they also create friction that prevents the string from returning to its proper pitch after a bend or something. So...apply some sort of lubrication to to the underside of the string tree, as pointed to by the arrow. Use something like Big Bends Nut Sauce, or Guitar Grease. Even pencil lead will work. Simply grind the pencil lead into dust on a paper, and use some of this dust on the point of friction. You can even use machine oil.
The same problem occurs at the string nut. Each groove has a bit of friction. So you can apply the same lubricant there, underneath the string, and that will help. You can also buy the appropriate replacement nut, but the nut should be made of graphite. There's less friction from that material.

Moving on to setup. There's a lot of material to cover with setup, far more than I feel inclined to go into...but I can point you towards some helpful links:

Lastly, stringing technique. Yes, it's possible to string a guitar improperly. I actually mess with my Strats trem a lot, and it stays in tune really nicely. Of course, I have it lubricated at the proper points of friction and have a graphite nut, but I don't use locking tuners or anything like that. The secret? Stringing your guitar the right way! Here's a link that will show you how I do it:
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I did have a problem too, but i tightened my bridge and my guitar and it's fixed.
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Read this. You're probably stringing it badly.

+1 if your not properly stringing the guitar it will never hold tune.
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