ive been playing for only about 5months MAX.. and still relatively noob.. by relatively i mean im still very **** at guitar
this is the first song i learn to play all the way through.. there are loooooads of mistakes in it and its not great but yeah.. slow and steady wins the race.
im using a schecter omen extreme floyd rose with a roland cube 30x amp.
Any constructive criticism very welcome, ideas on how to improve and whatnot also.

bump. someone comment? i need some feedback because i teach myself and getting feedback from good guitar players will help thanks
For a first attempt its very good but as someone commented you on you need a better sound its very clean were in the song its fuzzy. Also make sure your guitar is tune man some of it sounded out of tune.

Just keep practising man!
yeah only been playing since feb/march so yeah can't expect too much... what do you think i should practice on? do i use my fingers properly? i feel i maybe use my pinky too much for thinkgs i can use my ring finger for..
Sounds good!

One suggestion i have, would just be to use bends on that main riff, rather than the slide, i'm sure you know what piece, if not I can elaborate. That will help make it sound a bit closer to the real thing, but thats pretty minor.

Anyway sounds good for the short time you've been playing, and just keep on practicing!