Brazilian Mahogany timber. Kiln dried and very stable. QUARTER SAWN

61" long, 2" deep, 9.5" wide.

Plained to thickness and is straight and true on both faces.

Beautiful piece of wood, if cut right you can EASILY get Three 2 piece Gibson Flying V bodys or 6 Neck blanks out of this.

Brazilian Mahogany is EXTREMELY hard to come by now due to the fact that its export is now Illegal.

If you look for 2 piece Brazilian body blanks at any UK tonewood stockist, they want upwards of £100 per body blank and they arent big enough to get a V out of so its not that expensive in comparison!

No shakes, cracks or splits anywhere in the wood. There a few tiny imperfections but hardly show up on the close ups.

Postage would be via courier for £20 or collection more than welcome.

PM me for details.