great, another bad hurricane. i'm about to have to evacuate cause its gonna be almost a DIRECT hit where i live. its supposed to hit just a few miles west of my town, which means that we're getting the worst part of the storm. so i have to pack all my crap and go visit family that i dont even like. i really hate hurricanes...

does anyone else hear in the Pit live in hurricane areas and have to evacuate?
one guy here already made a thread about this exact hurricane, but he probably lived somewhere else though

anyways, sucks for you, I guess
I live in Florida and I almost never evacuate. We built our house knowing that there will be hurricanes here. We've only evacuated for category 4's.
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Northeast FTW.

We get the crappy, not bad, versions of those hurricanes after they've been reduced to a mere thunderstorm with 40 MPH winds.
Me and my friend were talking about this last night. I would be honored to be hit by a hurricane named Gustav. Sorry.
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Where I live we got it by Hurricane Dolly.

I was in Florida that week so It didn't affect me.
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I live in southern Alabama... but i'm probably just getting the edge of it, same as Katrina.

Sorry to hear about that dude.... just bring your guitars with you.

It sucks man, but theres still a few days where it could turn. It hasn't hit Cuba yet either, that will weaken it some. Although, it might get stonger again before it hits the US.
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Yeah, they usually get stronger once they hit the Gulf.

And also, not to worry you or anything, hehe... but they said it wouldn't be a category 3 untill it hit the gulf, and it's already one now... so it's better that you're evacuating.

And also,!normajean!, i put you in the prayer request thread on the Christian guitarists group.

its a nasty cat4 now. best of luck. i live in florida, so i usually deal with a hurricane 3 out of every 4 years. they suck, but can be fun at the same time. a cat3 or cat 4 isnt anything to laugh at. expecially on the coast. my moms house is 1/4 mile from the atlantic, and the 04 season i though for sure we were gonna lose it when 3 of them came over us.

i was in orlando(still am) for charlie, that was a bitch and it was only a cat2 when the eye came over me(freaky **** when you go out for the eye then the eyewall comes back upon you). no katrina, but it knocked out my power for about a week.

just be smart and you'll be fine.
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Yep. But I'm not evacuating.
EDIT: And yeah I'm probably going to die.

You and me both.

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baton rouge isnt evacuated but lsu classes are canceled and it is sweet

I totally live in BR
It really does suck that your area gets hit so hard, I just hope you and everyone else from that are is safe, it's better to evacuate. Anyway, one thing good about NJ is we don't have any natural disasters.
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