Hi folks. Im soon gonna buy a new guitar. and ive been looking at the ESP Eclipse 1. and i wonder is there any downsides on this guitar? I have a marshall jcm200 tsl 100w combo so i DONT need a new amp. My budget is about 3000$ US.

I live in norway so its not cheap for guitars her. i play hard rock and metall.
Well I feel like a stooge now.
but anyways try out the guitars in stores before you buy, also I recently played a gibson shred v and they are really nice.
Jackson guitars are pretty good for metal too.
Edit: I don't know how abundant guitar stores are in Norway, but it's usually better to try things out 1st.
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Yeah thats the problem. i have to travel almost 2 hours to get to a decents guitar store:P
Yeah, even though I live in U.S. the nearest big guitar shop is an hour away... and I've got no car.
If your budget is $3000 us
you could always get a gibson les paul with dirty finger pick ups in it. Ebay is a good place to find guitars too, these days most sellers ship internationally.