Hey there UG, I've got a tiny problem right now. I was being careless and my guitar accidentally fell quite a ways onto the side of a desk. As a result, there is a rather annoying dent on the back of my neck. I can feel it when playing down around the 1-4 frets, when playing G chords and C chords and such.

My question would be, how much would it be to fix it and fill it in with whatever they use? I'll probably get it fixed in a couple of months seeing as it isn't that huge a problem right now. Thanks!
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I work at a furniture refinishing shop, i got a used tele the other day with some small dings in the back of the neck. I think I'm gonna fill them with a burn in lacquer fill stick. You melt a little bit of it on a burn in knife and glob it in the dent and smooth it out with the knife then light sand it with fine grit paper and polish it with a buffing compound. It shouldnt be too expensive for you to have it done. I would charge around fifty dollars if someone brought one to my shop.
Mohawk makes all kinds of stuff for fixing wood, the thing is if you get the knife too hot you can bubble the finish on the neck, i would practice on a sh***y piece of furniture first so you dont mess up the lacquer on the neck. If you just have a knick you need filled it would probably be cheaper to have a shop do it, but if your wanting to try it, go to mohawks website and get a clear burn in lacquer stick and a burn in knife, i like the narrower one that flares out toward the end. Use torch to heat the stick, just enough for it to melt, if it starts bubbling and smoking its way too hot and will mess up the neck. glob it in the dent, then wipe a little spit on it, helps to get excess off, wipe excess on rag and repeat
No i'm in US, mohawk is in UK? Learn something new every day. Its not that hard to do, most important thing is not getting the knife too hot, you want it just hot enough to slowly melt some of the stick. oh by the way i got a used mim tele the other day off of craigslist, i was gonna order the classic vibe like you were talking about but i found this one in town, its pretty sweet needs a little work but its a fun guitar