Though I'd go for an even heavier tone myself.
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-Vocals are off key. The voice is underdeveloped, but that can be changed with consistent practice and the right exercises. I give props for actually trying to write a song song. The vocals were so static that there was no sense of rise and fall and the instrumentation wasn't dynamic enough to keep me listening.
I thought the vocals were a bit flat. Try introducing some dynamics into it.

For Ascending in E, you could have done with a slightly heavier tone. I didn't completely dig the tone. I preferred the mellow one, although the lacklustre vocals could have been better.

Mellow E - I liked the intro. The vocals are a bit phlegmatic. I know it's a slow, mellow piece, but I think more energrtic singing would be better. The chorus is great, i really love it. Pretty good, a solo would be nice to hear.

Ascending in D - the intro is not very good, but when the next riff kicks in, it gets better. I think that a more groovy drum fit in great. Not impressed by the riff that starts in 3:12. I'm waiting for the vocals.

Nice, Mellow one is better.
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