im looking into buying a x-box 360/ps3 cause i hate my wii and my laptops graphic card cant support good games, so im planning on trading in a whole bunch of my old video gaming stuff for a new system. an x-box is around 375$

im trading it all in at eb games where they take money off purchases if you trade in old systems and games

im trading in the following:
a nintendo gamecube, with 5 controllers and around 15 games
a ps2 slim with 2 controllers and around 8 games
a psp slim with 2 games

approximately how much money could that take off the purchase of the x-box/ps3?
also do you think they'll accept the systems if two of them are without boxes?
I have a friend that used to work at EB Games, he said they normally wont go over 50% of the value of anything you trade in, so 50% being the best I'd say around 45% of whatever you bring in.
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i once saw someone trade an xbox in, and he got a tenner for it. so about $20.....
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honestly, you wont get much for any of that.

id say about $150 max. ebgames sells used GC's for like $30. used ps2's are like $70. the used psp is actually about $150. the controllers and games wont get you much at all.
I actually just went up there, and sold a broken ds lite, 3 xbox360 games, 2 ds games, and a carrying case for the ds, and got $130. They had some promo deal goin on. If they're still doing that, then you could get some good $$$.
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yeah dude you probably wont get over 150ish

EDIT: For Gta you could prob get like 35 for it because its really new still
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You'd get a few bob but not anything overlly spectacular
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If I were you, I'd sell all that stuff on ebay. I put my standard ps2 on there with about 25 games and assorted accessories and got £190 ($380) a couple of years ago in order to buy a 360.
Your best bet would to ebay your stuff then buying an xbox 360 with the cash from that. You'll get ALOT more that way, but you'll have to wait like a week, but its worth it IMO.
just call the store and ask, that way you don't have to haul all your shit over there for them to rip you off.