Okay well i have had my Gibson Les Paul Studio for a while now and i hang it up on my wall. But ive realized around the neck there is two red stains from where it hangs. Its not that noticeable but it annoys my while i play it. If anybody could recommend something to get rid of this pesky little stain it would be great.

did you try some kind of simple cleaning spray and a rag?
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I'm not exactly sure how paint on guitars work, but I've owned a white car for years, and whenever I got a smudge on the paint from whatever and they wouldn't come off by just trying to wipe it, I used this "scratch remover" for cars. It's not really a SCRATCH remover, but more like a smudge-that-won't-come-off remover.

This has removed stains like magic for me in the past. I don't have anything to use it for on my guitars, but if I got something like that on there, I'd probably try it.

Here is the thing I'm talking about:


If you decide to use it, just use a little will do the job! And also remember, you probably don't need that exact brand above. Many "scratch removers" for cars use very similar ingredients, so whatever you find at your local general store will probably work the same.